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The starting point for every journey is knowledge that you need to be somewhere you are not already at. If you have the knowledge about your goal, and the path on which you have to travel, then the journey is going to be easier, exciting and more successful!

We at GROBO would emphasize that when you register yourself as a GROBO Independent Representative, please go through the Business Plan and understand the opportunity which lies in front of you to fulfill your dreams.

GROBO Business Model has been designed to be an equal business opportunity for all those who get associated with us. Our Model ensures that you earn in direct proportion to the efforts you put in and provides various benefits such as leadership bonuses, promos, festive bonuses etc. The earnings are further enhanced by combining the downlines’ performance, making it beneficial for you to create more leaders in your group. As the downline becomes successful, you become even more successful!



GROBO network of Independent Representatives is one large happy family. We ensure that our IRs make more and more money by providing constant trainings to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, mentoring and motivating them, and by giving them the required technical and creative support.

Reasons why GROBO is the best choice for you:


Top Offers

GROBO has strong business ties with leading suppliers in India, which enables it to give the best offers available at any point in time. GROBO also offers special deals from time to time that are available exclusively with us.

Timely Payouts

GROBO ensures prompt and timely payment to its IRs. Payments are made via cheques / wire transfers / direct credit to banks.

Highest Payouts

Because of the large volume of sales that our IRs generate, we are better placed to negotiate the best deals with suppliers enabling higher payouts to our IRs.



Business Plan

GROBO rewards individual and team efforts in the form of periodical bonuses and reward programmes. The GROBO Business Plan is a cumulative plan where you never drop from the level of achievement and keep on achieving higher levels, i.e. your previous efforts and achievements are always counted in your bonus calculations.

GROBO Benefits

1 . Leadership Bonus
2.  Deals
3.  Bonanza Offers
4.  Performance Bonus
5.  Funds