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Grobo Energy Bracelet - Pure Titanium

Product Price 3300.00
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You are not just wearing a Precious Jewelry but you’re wearing a Jewelry that makes you feel better and makes you look good as well.


  • Feel refreshed and rejuvenated.
  • Improve your harmony and energy levels.
  • Protect yourself from e-smog.

Grobo Energy Titanium Bracelet Benefits:

•    It relieves muscle pains and joint pains
•    Heals menstrual period pain as well as back pain
•    Reduces shoulder pain
•    Reduces head ache and neck ache
•    Soothes arthritic pain
•    Increases blood circulation and metabolism
•    Protects you from harmful radiations such as mobile radiations
•    Lowers your cholesterol level
•    Controls high blood pressure and diabetes
•    Increases the energy level of the body
•    Cures Respiratory problems such as cough and asthma
•    Helps you free from stress
•    Destroys the damaging free radicals in the body
•    Improves the immune system
•    Protects you from ageing problems
•    Protects you from forming cancer cells and degenerative diseases found in  
      the body
•    Helps recover biological electrical currents in the body
•    Gives an ionizing energy to the body
•    Reduces inflammation
•    Heals insomnia
•    Increases the production of melatonin and growth of hormones
•    Enhances body and mental power
•    Helps all type of critical and chronic diseases
•    Prevents bacteria and virus from entering the body